How we came into being…

…we’d witnessed endless team-building days with
no connection, no direction, no goal to bring
people together for a worthwhile outcome.
Team Being was formed to deliver.

Caring for humans and animals alike

One of our clients’ reasons for being is “to care for humans and animals alike”. We matched them with Amelia Farm Trust in Cardiff who run a programme for vulnerable young people struggling in mainstream education who often feel that society has given up on them.

The Trust provide education, work experience, emotional support and a sense of belonging. The aim is for the young people to gain confidence, learning to care for themselves through learning to care for animals.

Our clients worked together against the clock and against the odds in the middle of storm Brendan; the result of the team-work was outstanding. They upgraded the small animal pens, built new hutches, a goat climbing frame, a network of bat and bird boxes to bring new inhabitants to the farm, an indoor picnic area for visitors, an educational zone with outdoor desks, wooden trees and a life-size 3D wooden cow and a reptile house complete with a bearded dragon as a nod to the Welsh. The client described how the work had both inspired and galvanised them. For the young people at Amelia Farm Trust, they learnt that this team had not given up on them.

Foster House Makeover

Our client wanted a change from their usual team building days and wanted to live up to their values of “dream, dare, share”. We paired them up with a Spanish Foster House filled with love for the 17 children who lived there but whose décor was austere due to lack of funds.

The team turned the house into a comfortable home painting bedrooms, sitting rooms, constructing new furniture, adding colourful bedding, rugs and posters.

Before the ‘make-over’ we were told that the children had never brought their friends home from school. Afterwards, we learnt that regularly they were proud to show their friends where they belonged. Not only did the team live up to their values, but they allowed the children to share in them too.